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Texas Hill Country Well Services

Whether you need a new pump installed, a water well inspection at your new home or business, or anything in between (and maybe something that is not), Viking Water Well has you covered. We provide Texas Hill Country Well Services including:

Rainwater Collection for Emergency Water Supply

  • This can offer you a solution so that you do not run out of water if you are in an emergency, such as a deep freeze that has frozen your pipes. With an emergency supply from rainwater, your livestock can still have water, and we can also insulate your emergency supply to prevent it from freezing as well.
  • Rainwater collection also helps reduce strain and improve the life span of a submersible or down hole pump.
Texas Hill Country Well Services

Home Water Well Inspections

  • If you are purchasing a house, you know how important the inspection is! We can come out and inspect your water well to ensure that your water supply is good and also collect samples to test for bacteria such as E. coli. This helps to keep your family safe as well as improve the value of your home!

Texas Hill Country Well Services


  • Pump house structures built to protect your well head and pressure tanks from damage, insulating exposed pipes, and canopy structures to protect water storage and booster pumps.

Texas Hill Country Well Services

Solar and Hand Pump Installation

  • Hand pumps are great for inclement weather such as hard freezes and snow and ice events.

Well Repairs

  • Viking Water Well offers well repairs so you are sure to have a reliable supply of water year-round.

Windmill Maintenance & Installation

  • Oiling
  • Leather changes
  • Head and tower repairs
  • New installs

Water Tank Clean-Outs

  • Lots of sandy sludge collects in the bottom of your water tank. We can clean it out to help prolong the life of your pump and keep it working exactly the way it is supposed to!

Water Storage Tank Installations

Emergency Services & Repairs

  • Pumps
  • Water Filters
  • Storage Systems


  • Filters
  • UV systems
  • Water softeners